Superlegalization is a demanding process. And not only at home, but especially abroad. Therefore, in the following lines we will look at how to handle superlegalization and how to prevent unnecessary problems. In the article you will learn:

How to handle the superlegalization of a diploma in the country so that you can use it abroad?

How to handle the superlegalization of a diploma abroad so that you can use it at home?

Superlegalization of Diplomas in the Country

Do you want to continue your studies or work abroad? Then you will most likely need superlegalization. However, you may encounter a major problem during the initial process. It is usually not possible to superlegalization certified copies of diplomas. You will therefore need an original or a duplicate diploma issued by the school.

Certified copies are rejected by the authorities because it is not possible to verify their authenticity. So before you start superlegalization your diploma, ask for confirmation from the school, school authority or ministry. Without this verification, it will not be possible to superlegalize your document.

Superlegalization of Diplomas Abroad

Although the superlegalization of a diploma in Austria is not easy and fast, the whole process takes much less time than with foreign institutions. So let’s talk about how to proceed with superlegalization abroad.

Payment for Superlegalization Abroad

Not all countries have the same rules. And the same applies to the payment of superlegalization. Many countries do not use bank transfers to pay fees. Federal and state agencies often require only stamps, checks, or cash payments in the appropriate currency. Be sure to keep this important fact in mind before requesting verification of your document.

Delivery of Document Abroad

In addition to the original document, a return envelope with completed correspondence data and a foreign stamp is also required for long-distance communication. The return envelope can be ordered from foreign couriers. The largest carriers such as DHL, UPC or FedEx offer this service. However, some foreigners are no longer allowed to order return delivery. In this case, contact experienced professionals who will help you with delivery from abroad.

What to Watch out for?

There are several types of official verifications. So you may not need superlegalization, but an apostille. Its processing is much easier and takes less time. However, the question remains, what type of verification will you actually need. And there are not many ways to find out. This is therefore a relatively difficult process.

The same applies to the handling of superlegalization. Especially when handling it abroad, make sure that you meet the deadline for some documents (for example, an extract from the criminal record or an extract from the commercial register). Otherwise, you may have to repeat the whole process again.

If you do not know the advice, contact us. We are a team of experienced professionals with the necessary knowledge and contacts. We can quickly and safely handle superlegalization for you, at a good price. Contact our specialists and they will be happy to help you with your problem.


Remember that in some cases superlegalization is not enough. Nostrification still needs to be arranged for academic documents. It is a confirmation that the given diploma or certificate from abroad is the equivalent of a domestic diploma. You will need nostrification if you want to work abroad with a diploma from home. Or at a time when you have completed your studies in Austria and want to go abroad to work.

The Original Document

Before verifying, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the document. Therefore, it is not enough just to make sure that it is issued by the relevant authority. For some documents, it is necessary to monitor the validity. In the case of an extract from a criminal record or birth certificate should not exceed three years what is required in certain countries, in other cases only six months. Be careful. Check all the details carefully and don’t forget to send all the necessary documents on time. Otherwise, you can lose a lot of time and money.

The Difference Between Federal and State Superlegalization

In the world you will find a number of state departments, which are united into one federation. The USA can serve as an example. The United States of America is made up of 50 states. And it is in this country that you need to be careful. Each of the state departments in the USA has its own documents and laws. Federal documents also differ significantly from state documents.

In order not to waste time, you will need to choose the right document for the given superlegalization. An example is the execution of a federal criminal record with federal superlegalization. But you will also encounter problems with your birth certificate, diploma and other documents. Therefore, be sure to select the correct level of authentication. Or leave the work to us.

What Forms Will You Need?

Each state has its own rules. And the same goes for forms. Use only forms that are standard for the competent authority. You can usually download such from the office’s website. But make sure it is the current version.

Subsequent completion to obtain superlegalization has its strict rules. In addition, they are listed in the language of the country. A great risk can arise especially when translating legal and professional terminology. To avoid unnecessary problems and inconsistencies, contact experts. They will playfully cope with the terminology and ensure that the document is filled in correctly.