Superlegalization of a birth certificate is not an easy task at all, and especially if you need to deal with superlegalization abroad. We have prepared a procedure for you on how to apply for a superlegalization of a birth certificate in Austria and abroad.
In the article you will find:

in what situations will the birth certificate need to be superlegalized,
what is the difference between apostille and superlegalization,
where you will find forms for superlegalization in Austria and abroad.

And other important information to help you handle it flawlessly.

What to Watch out for When Superlegalizing a Birth Certificate in Austria

If you are going to superlegalize your birth certificate, then first check the validity of your birth certificate.

the original birth certificate must not be older than 3 years (in some cases it can be up to 6 months),
in case of loss of the birth certificate, you will need an official copy of it for verification,
your photocopy of the birth certificate will not be recognized during superlegalization.

It is also necessary to have the birth certificate verified by the competent authorities in the country in which it was issued and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the given state.

You then submit the application for superlegalization to the embassy in Austria, which is accredited for the country in which it was issued. There they will also give you information on how to proceed.

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What other Payments for Superlegalization Abroad Can You Choose

Bank transfer cannot be selected. As a method of payment at the authorities, it is not yet possible and it is the first and quite fundamental snag that needs to be prepared in advance. Stamps are still the most feasible option if you solve the whole thing remotely and do not live abroad.

If you live abroad or have someone to help you with the settlement remotely, you can also use payment in cash – directly at the office or payment by check, which must be linked to a bank account with a sufficient balance of money.

Be Sure to Check the Validity of the Document Sent for Superlegalization

Superlegalization of the birth certificate also requires the issuance of an original document, which must not be older than 3 years. Be especially careful. The authorities are uncompromising in this. You will lose time and, unfortunately, money.

Where Can you Find Forms and What to Avoid?

As they say, each country has a different morality, so it is the same with the forms. You will find a different type of form for each country. The content of the form for superlegalization of the birth certificate across the world has not yet been unified and, thanks to that, filling in the form can be a problem for someone.

Filling out the form in the language of the country in which you are applying for superlegalization is not entirely easy. You will need to know at least a basic knowledge of professional and legal terminology. By filling out the form incorrectly, you run the risk of rejecting your application, so it is best to seek professional help in this case.

Another problem occurs when the download form is out of date. You can find a lot of out-of-date versions on the Internet. The embassy of Austria abroad is responsible for issuing updated forms.

Be Careful in Which State You Are Applying for Superlegalization of the Birth Certificate

Federal or state superlegalization

Are you seeking superlegalization in a state where state power is divided between federal and state authorities? Then you need to find out if you’re going to apply for federal superlegalization or state superlegalization before applying. You probably already know that there will be a difference and it can take a lot of time to determine correctly where you actually belong and which form is the right one.


Most states fall under the so-called „Hague Convention“, which means that if the state in which you are applying for superlegalization falls under this convention, then you do not have to apply for superlegalization, but it is enough for you to get an apostille. A simpler form of birth certificate verification in Austria and abroad. You can check it out here.

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What to Put in the Envelope to the Application for Superlegalization Abroad

Attach the Following to the Application and Document Envelope:

stamps in exact value, check, cash,
a return envelope with your address filled in,
postage stamps in the currency of the country.

Postage foreign stamps and stamps must be attached in the exact value. Without them, the processed request will not be sent back. Also, don’t forget the envelope with the address.

It is not entirely easy to get foreign stamps from us, and unfortunately courier services abroad do not usually offer foreigners the opportunity to order the delivery of a consignment there and back. Therefore, be patient with patience or contact and let them do what they are good at. They will arrange the entire process of superlegalization for you flawlessly and cheaply.

What to Prepare for When Superlegalizing a Birth Certificate Abroad – the Procedure

Get ready for a time-consuming process where you can’t do without certain expertise. Superlegalization is often rejected on the basis of incorrectly filled out forms or even incorrect forms, which, although they may be filled in correctly, may not be updated or incorrectly chosen by you.

Let’s look at what to focus on and what to prepare before applying for superlegalization.

When it is Necessary to Superlegalize a Birth Certificate

These 2 Cases May Arise when Superlegalization of the Birth Certificate will be Necessary.

Birth certificate issued abroad, you need to superlegalize in Austria for work or personal purposes. For example: wedding, request for child allowances, etc.
Birth certificate issued in Austria, you need to superlegalize abroad for work or personal purposes. For example: marriage, when applying for dual citizenship, when applying for a temporary stay, etc.