Recognition and enforcement of a foreign decision is a particularly demanding process. This process usually involves the settlement of an apostille or superlegalization, followed by the translation and the filing of a motion for recognition of the decision with a court, sometimes a second motion for enforcement is required. We recommend that you turn to experienced professionals to save time and money. We cover the whole process in partnership with a law firm.

Recognition of the Austrian Decision Abroad

Recognition of the Austrian decision abroad also requires three phases. The procedure is similar to processing in Austria, but the whole process takes place abroad.

Recognition of a Foreign Decision in Austria

Recognition of a foreign decision in Austria has several phases. The first is the settlement of the apostille or superlegalization. The second phase is the completion of the translation. The third stage is to apply to the court for recognition of a foreign decision after it has been apostilized or superlegalized and translated. This third phase is handled by the lawyers we work with in partnership. The third phase requires a power of attorney, which we will send to you for signing, and the proposal can only be submitted upon return of the signed power of attorney. An example is a divorce decision.