In addition to apostille or superlegalization, in most cases you also need an official translation from or into a foreign language.

When processing Apostille or superlegalization intended for the use of foreign documents in Austria or domestic documents abroad, I also provide translation equipment without adding a margin or increasing the translator’s prices.

Translations – Technical and Professional

Based on our long-term cooperation with competent experts for a wide range of technical fields, we can provide translations in the field of architecture, engineering, information technology, automotive, construction, chemistry, telecommunications and other specializations.

In most cases, these are translations of machine documentation, translations of technical specifications, translations of operating instructions and manuals, translations of technical documentation, translations of drug documentation or translations of food documentation. The above calculation of professional and technical areas is only an example and we make translations in many other fields.

Due to the fact that our clients and companies sometimes use their own terminology, we coordinate professional translations with an expert from your company. Primarily in situations where it is a highly specialized text, we recommend cooperation, because it is a guarantee of a more effective solution to the assignment.

Translations for Personal and Private Documents

For private individuals, we provide official translations of birth, death and marriage certificates, diplomas, certificates, passports, licenses, criminal records, technical certificates and licenses, invoices for imported vehicles, powers of attorney, extract from the Commercial Register and many other documents.

Translation of Foreign Documents

The basis of our services is the provision of translations for any documents, into all languages of the world. In addition to translation, we also provide apostille and superlegalization services. We recommend that you avoid an inexperienced and inexpensive translator, as a poorly translated document may result in non-recognition of the translated document by state institutions.

Our professional translators provide translations of small and large documents from one page to hundreds of pages and into more than 140 languages. We provide translations for professional and technical documents but also for personal documents (e.g. birth certificates and marriage certificates) for company documents (extracts from the criminal record, statutes, agreements, etc.).

About us

We have been operating on the market for more than 25 years and during this period we have gained a leading position among stable translation agencies through an individual approach to our clients and quality services. The main building blocks of our services are speed, quality, and the ability to realize the wishes of clients. In addition to providing services in Austria, we also provide services abroad through the network of our branches. We currently also offer services in our branches in Prague, Bratislava, London, New York, Moscow and Kyiv. We offer our services in cooperation with professional translators, who are native translators in the given language, as well as experts for technical translations, thus guaranteeing the professional accuracy of the translation. Pure stylistics and grammatical accuracy are a matter of course.


In addition to translations, we also provide professional and linguistic proofreading of texts. We also provide proofreading of texts performed by speakers in their native language. Last but not least, we also provide transcription of texts.

Notary Verification of Documents

We also offer clients notarization of documents or other notarial acts if they need to be secured in the translation process. We provide notary services not only in the home country but also abroad.

Premium Services

In addition to the translation itself, we also offer clients premium services. We tie the finished translations into a ring binding, the laminate is or we bind them with a thermal binding according to the client’s request.


In addition to official translations, we also provide comprehensive translations of websites, mobile applications and client products. Thanks to our services, you can gain satisfied customers abroad or expand your business area. Let your website, mobile applications and products speak the native language of your customers.