Apostille From Ukraine for Use in Austria

The need for an apostille from Ukraine arises when you need to use a Ukrainian document in Austria. These are cases where you or one of the people in your family was born in Ukraine and now in Austria you need to deal with situations such as marriage or the division of joint property of spouses. For these reasons, you probably need to apostate documents such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or divorce decision. In other situations, you may need an apostille, for example, to exit a criminal or commercial register or a certificate of education.

Specifics of Apostilization in Ukraine

During the processing of apostille abroad, we may come across the fact that the administrative fee cannot be paid by card or by transfer from an account. In Ukraine, unlike other countries, this rarely happens, but still have cash (for direct payment or purchase of a stamp) or a check ready,

If you order apostille at the office in Ukraine, you will probably need stamps in the appropriate value in addition to the correctly filled out form, or a check, which will have to be linked to a local account in local currency – in this case in euros – with sufficient balance.

You will probably have to pay for the apostille with foreign stamps or checks, and rarely with cash in that currency, if you deal with the official in person. In these cases, it is much easier to turn to the help of our experts, who will handle the apostille for you, including its payment, thanks to their experience not only with Ukrainian bank accounts, and they will handle it easily and quickly.

Handling Apostilles Remotely

If you handle the apostille at a distance, you must send the original of the document to the competent authority. Naturally, you will need to enclose a return envelope with the title (your) address and a foreign stamp already affixed in the correct value. When looking for a Ukrainian stamp in Austria (or vice versa), another complication of the whole process may occur, but many authorities require such a procedure. Instead of a completed return envelope, you can alternatively use the services of a courier, for whom you only need to fill in the relevant form online and pay by card. Another problem may arise here, related to the fact that many national branches of international courier services do not provide their services to non-residents or citizens of other countries. On the other hand, the branches of carriers based in Austria allow the delivery of consignments from Austria abroad, but not the other way around. Here again you can save your time, money and nerves, and entrust the whole matter into our hands. We will handle the apostille for you completely and without worries.

Pay Attention to the Need to Process the Original

A significant complication in dealing with apostille abroad can be a situation where, in addition to the apostille, you also need to re-process the document intended for apostille itself. Some authorities approve the apostille only in cases when this document is not older than a certain age, usually three years, but sometimes even six months. This applies, for example, to a birth certificate or an extract from the criminal record. Applying for new originals is not an easy task at all. Fortunately, you can turn to us with confidence in this regard as well, and we will complete this process for you. Thanks to our experience, we will help you save time, money and worries.

Use the Official Forms

If you are going to apply for an apostille, then you need to use official forms, the form and content of which meet a certain standard set by the authority, whether in Austria or Ukraine. If the specified conditions are not met, the application may even be rejected. For each form, make sure that it is the most current version. Using the old form can again be a reason for failure.

At the same time, it is important to have a good knowledge of a foreign language, in this case Ukrainian, including legal and professional terminology, which is absolutely necessary for filling in forms of this type. If you do not know the advice, you can turn to us with confidence and we will help you with this step.

Apostille From Austria for Use in Ukraine

If, on the other hand, you need to use an official document from Austria in Ukraine, then you will go in this direction. This is the case, for example, in situations where you want to arrange a stay with our western neighbors or are going to study here. For these specific cases, you will need to deal with the apostille of the extract from the criminal record and your graduation certificate or previous diploma.