Use of the Russian apostille in Austria

If you were born in Russia and you want to get married in Austria, or you want to divide the joint property of the spouses, then you need to have an apostille on your birth and marriage certificate, a decision on divorce. You can also use the apostille on an extract from the Commercial Register, an extract from the criminal record or on various diplomas and certificates.

Apostille Application Forms

When applying for an apostille, you cannot do without filling in the official form, the form and content of which are standardized by the competent authority in Russia. If you do not meet this condition and choose an outdated form, your application will be rejected. It is advisable to contact an expert who will help you with both filling out the form and completing the entire apostille.

What not to Forget When Settling the Apostille in Russia?

While dealing with the apostille in Russia, you may encounter several obstacles. In many countries, it is not possible to pay administrative fees by bank transfer. For federal and state agencies, this can only be done by check, stamp or cash on the spot.

To apply for an apostille, you must submit a correctly completed form in Russia, as well as a stamp or check, which is linked to a Russian bank account and has a sufficient balance in rubles. To avoid these problems, it is advisable to contact an expert who has an account in Russia and will take care of everything for you.

Each Apostille Document Must be a Valid Original

In order to have the apostille done as quickly as possible, you need to have original valid documents. However, sometimes it is a problem to obtain such a document. It may happen that the office from which you request the issue of an apostille will allow its issue only after submitting the original document, which must not be older than 3 years, sometimes even 6 months. This is most often a birth certificate or an extract from the criminal record. Requesting new documents is often time and money consuming.

How to Deliver an Apostille to Your Home

To obtain an apostille, you need to send the original document, you must also enclose an envelope with the return address and the appropriate value of stamps in the currency. The problem may be when you are looking for such signs. Not every post office has them. The envelope with the return address can be replaced by the form of a selected courier with a prepaid delivery service to the applicant’s return address. The problem is the fact that foreign branches of courier services will not allow foreigners and non-residents to order this service. Likewise, the branches in Austria will enable the goods to be sent abroad, but no longer back to your address. Therefore, entrust the processing of the apostille to an expert.

How Fast do you Handle the Apostille?

An apostille is needed for a number of documents, but banks, authorities and other bodies only accept a document that is not older than 3 months. For example, if you want to open an account with a foreign company in Austria, the bank will require an extract from the Commercial Register with an apostille that is not older than 3 months. There is a problem because not only the apostille, but also the extract from the Commercial Register itself must not be older than 3 months. It is therefore necessary to quickly process a new extract from the Commercial Register, if you do not have it. A similar situation can occur in cases where you are applying for the renewal of temporary residence or you are applying for permanent residence. Processing documents abroad remotely is a lengthy and very demanding process. It is therefore better to ask for the help of an expert in this issue familiar.

The Difference Between a State and a Federal Apostille

In states such as Brazil and the USA, there are two parallel structures of state bodies – state and federal. In the USA, the federation consists of 50 states, and each of them issues its own state documents and thus its own state apostille. The federal authorities issue their own federal documents as well as the apostille. It is therefore difficult to process documents if you do not know whether to use a federal criminal record with a federal apostille or, conversely, a state extract and a state apostille. Such problems are most often solved when issuing a birth certificate, diploma or other documents. To avoid processing problems, contact an expert who will handle everything for you.

When do I Need an Apostille and Superlegalization?

When processing documents and verifying them, you may encounter a problem that you need an apostille and somewhere superlegalization. Banks, authorities, various companies or universities can provide information about the apostille in general, but documents need to be superlegalized for a specific country. Authorities can often give the wrong information when you need a verified signature on a contract for a document, officials say they want an apostille, but later say they have made a mistake and will demand superlegalization.

When is Nostrification Needed?

Nostrification is often required to recognize documents used abroad. It is a verification of certificates, documents or extracts of stamps. A typical example is a doctor from abroad who wants to practice medicine in our country or in another country or a teacher who has a diploma from a university abroad and wants to teach and work in Austria. In these and other cases, it is necessary to find out in advance which documents need to be nostrified. This is a difficult process, as is the case with the apostille.

What is the Need for Austria in Russia?

On the contrary, Austria will use the apostille on documents to arrange a stay or study in Russia. You then need the apostille for an extract from the criminal record or for a report card.