How will the Apostille be Delivered Back to me and How Can I Pay for it?

In order for the apostille application to be delivered back to you, it is necessary to enclose an envelope with the return address and foreign postage stamps in the exact value with the application and the original document.

You can also use a courier for delivery, but you will encounter complications such as delivery there and no again. Courier companies abroad, for example FedEx, DHL or UPS offer delivery services abroad, but unfortunately not back.

Although at this time payment by bank transfer is more than the standard for each of us in terms of offices abroad, payment by bank transfer is unfortunately not yet the standard there.

The Following Payment Methods Can be Used:

by check
in cash

If you process the application in person at the office, you have 2 options, either to pay by check or in cash. In the case of a check, it is also necessary to have an account set up abroad and a sufficiently high balance on it.

Another option is to attach a stamp to the application. In general, paying for an apostille is a nut, if you do not live abroad and do not have anyone who would bring a request to the office for you with cash, it is always better to turn to professional help.

In Which Cases is it Necessary to Apply for an Apostille?

1) Use of Austrian documents abroad

Wedding in Poland – Apostille on birth certificate and confirmation of citizenship
Temporary or permanent residence – apostille on an extract from the criminal record
Bank account – apostille on an extract from the Commercial Register

2) Use of documents in Austria issued in Poland

Divorce, marriage, birth of a child in Poland – apostille on birth certificate, marriage certificate or divorce decision
Establishment of an account in Austria for a Polish company – apostille for an extract from the Commercial Register

Recognition of Foreign Education in Austria / Poland – Nostrification

Nostrification of documents is necessary especially in cases where it is necessary to determine whether a diploma, certificate or extract of marks is a valid and sufficient document for a particular state. Thus, for example, a doctor who obtained a diploma in Poland and now wants to practice in Austria will need nostrification of the diploma. That is, confirmation that his diploma is sufficient for the purposes of doing business in Austria and vice versa.

Contact us, we will ensure for you not only the nostrification of all necessary documents, but also the smooth running of the entire process.

How Long will it Take to Request an Apostille?

It depends on what will be needed to successfully apostilize the documents and how long it will take. This can affect the age of your documents and the request for the original issue of new documents, but also the specific reason why apostille is needed. For example, when renewing a temporary stay abroad, you will need an extract from the criminal record, which, however, must not be older than 3 months, otherwise your application will be rejected.

Obtaining original documents and apostilizing documents can take months, especially if you arrange everything remotely. Contact the legal representation at and your request for apostille will be processed quickly, safely and without unnecessary delays.

When is an Apostille Needed and When is Superlegalization?

The difference between apostille and superlegalization depends on the specific country. Superlegalization of documents is a higher degree of verification and applies only to some countries, a list of which can be found here. In the case of documents issued in Poland for use in Austria or vice versa, you will request the apostille of the documents.

Where can I find Forms for Requesting the Apostille of Documents

Even when filling out forms, you cannot do without legal and professional terminology, especially when filling out forms.

It is very important to use the correct and up-to-date form, the latest version of which can be found on the website of the Austrian Embassy abroad.

If you make a mistake or download the wrong version of the application, then your application will be rejected and you will have to document everything again.

Do you have a document (birth certificate, extract from the criminal record, etc.) that was issued in Poland and now you need to verify its authenticity in Austria for work or personal purposes, or vice versa? So do you have documents issued in Austria and it is necessary to verify them for use abroad?

It will be necessary to deal with apostille / superlegalization and nostrification, it is an official legalization of documents, i.e. confirmation of their authenticity or competence to perform a specific activity in a given state.

Find out what you will need to process your requests and where to go for help if necessary.

Request for the Original Document

You will also encounter a situation where it will be necessary to apply for the original document before the actual request for apostille of the document. These are cases where the document that needs to be used abroad is older than 3 years or 6 months. Some authorities do not recognize documents that have been issued before, so it is necessary to apply for a new original document, and this is usually a long-distance run.