Certain acts at institutions abroad – including embassies – are not possible without the apostille of the marriage certificate. How does such apostille take place and what is needed for it?

Apostille of a Marriage Certificate in Austria

Directly in Austria, apostilization of a marriage certificate is a relatively complicated process, for the successful completion of which an original marriage certificate under the age of three is required. Apostilization is not possible with any form of copy (including photocopy). If you need to issue a duplicate marriage certificate older than three years of age, you can request a duplicate. You can apostille it, but the issuance of this duplicate itself is not free of charge, and in addition, the relevant officials have a period of thirty days for it. The issue of a duplicate – in other words an official copy – must therefore be requested with sufficient time. If you do not know the advice or do not catch up, then we will handle a copy of the marriage certificate at the authorities quickly and without worries for you.

Possibilities of Using Marriage Certificate Apostilization

The marriage certificate is one of the key documents required by various bodies, including authorities, embassies or ministries abroad, to deal with various life situations. Every married man and married woman has a marriage certificate and it is one of the documents for which an apostille is most often handled, so that some applications can subsequently be processed and processed within state institutions.

How to Make Payments for an Apostille Marriage Certificate

In Austria, you can pay for the apostille of a marriage certificate by card, bank transfer, cash, stamp, etc. In some countries, however, local institutions do not accept payment cards or bank transfer is not possible. For these cases, it is necessary to have cash ready in the appropriate currency, or to have a stamp or check of a given value available. For example, federal or state agencies often only accept stamps, cash, or checks, and be prepared for the fact that a check must often be linked to a local account in that currency, which must also have a sufficient balance.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Process Your Application

Some authorities and banks only require documents less than three months old. This is a technical complication, for example, when setting up a trade abroad, when a financial institution requires an apostilled extract from the Commercial Register not older than three months when opening a business account.

A comparable situation occurs when processing a temporary stay, for which you must have an apostille-certified extract from the criminal record, which again expires after a quarter. Especially when dealing with life situations at a distance, the processing of individual papers and documents can take a lot of time, and it often happens that you do not meet the given deadline.

When you Need an Apostille of a Marriage Certificate

Apostille of a marriage certificate is a legal step that you will normally use, for example, when requesting:

child allowances born abroad,
citizenship certificate when preparing for the wedding, if you were born abroad,
dual citizenship,
settlement of temporary stay abroad,
various acts related to foreign authorities.

Sending a Marriage Certificate With Apostille

In order for foreign authorities to provide you with the apostille, they must be provided with the original of the document you are verifying. If you send the necessary documents by post, then do not forget to enclose an envelope with a pre-filled return address and a valid stamp of the relevant country in sufficient value. An alternative are courier companies, whose services you can pay by bank transfer and they will take care of all the essentials themselves. However, it is better to find out in advance whether a given national branch of an international delivery company allows ordering these services for citizens or residents of other countries. If you are unsure, you can use our services without worries. We have many years of experience with the apostasy of not only the marriage certificate. All you have to do is give us your specific request and leave the rest to us.

Processing the Original Document for Apostilization

If you intend to apply for the apostille of a marriage certificate or, for example, an extract from the criminal record, you will need to issue an original document in addition to this apostille. The various documents and deeds have only a limited validity for the purposes of apostille. Many authorities only require documents which do not exceed three years, but in some cases only six months.

Do you just Need an Apostille or Superlegalization?

Verification and legalization of various documents can be quite complicated in some countries. Before applying, ask yourself what level of verification you actually need for your purposes. In some parts of the world, apostille will be enough for certain legal actions, in others you will need superlegalization for the same purpose. Complications in this regard occur, for example, when transferring a company registered abroad, whether you are a buyer or a seller in this transaction. If you are conducting verification in any form, you will need to know the local legal framework. Alternatively, you just need to know someone who will advise you on the settlement, or even carry it out for you.

Nostrification – Recognition of Acquired Licenses and Diplomas

Are you going to study or work outside our country? One way or another, you will almost certainly need so-called nostrification, i.e. official recognition and verification of the level of your education or a certain authorization. Nostrification, which concerns only academic documents, must be distinguished from the process of recognizing decisions of all other foreign decisions.

Nostrification is used as a way of authentication for diplomas, certificates, stamps and other academic documents proving your education. If you are verifying academic documents, then you must first determine which document is actually required for that purpose. This is a time-consuming process, so be sure not to put it off at the last minute.

Beware of Federal and State Apostille

Interestingly, in some countries there is no single standardized form. In federal state groups, such as the United States, when dealing with an apostille, you need to know whether you need to deal with a particular apostille for state or federal office purposes. Individual US states (but also the United Arab Emirates) may have their own laws. In these cases, you must correctly distinguish between the terms „federal“ and „state“ apostille when processing the application.

Problems with filling in the apostille form may not only occur in the case of a marriage certificate, but also in the case of a university diploma or graduation certificate, an extract from the criminal record and other documents. If you start the apostille process yourself, we recommend that you carefully read all the necessary requirements that need to be met. However, you can also contact us and we will arrange the apostille of your documents quickly, at a reasonable price and, most importantly, without worries.

Form for the Apostille Marriage Certificate

Each country has its own forms of specific form and content for the apostille of the marriage certificate. Filling in the correct form correctly is necessary for the positive processing of your application. If you submit an incorrect or incorrectly completed form, you will probably only receive a negative opinion from the competent authority.

Also, make sure that the form you choose is up-to-date. Officials in Austria and abroad like to change the appearance and content of forms regularly, and it may happen that only a year old form will no longer meet the requirements of the institution. Your request for an apostille of the marriage certificate may again be rejected.

In order to complete the form correctly, it is also necessary to know the official language of the country concerned, including legal and technical terminology. If you fill in the form incorrectly, your apostille may not be successful again.

Apostille of a Marriage Certificate Abroad

The whole process of apostilization a marriage certificate can also be done abroad. However, you need to be careful about how old the original of your marriage certificate is. In addition, apostille fees are charged at different rates.