Are you planning to study or are you considering a job offer or directly setting up / buying a company in Greece? Then the verification of Austrian documents (request for apostille of documents) in Greece awaits you, and this requires a lot of time and knowledge of professional and legal terminology.

Likewise, if you are moving, you are setting up / buying a company in Austria and you have documents issued in Greece. You will need an apostille and, in some cases, nostrification of documents.

We have prepared useful information for you, which will bring you closer to the whole process of apostille. Prepare for a lengthy and demanding process.

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Payment for Apostille

And even with payment and delivery, it’s not entirely easy. Due to the fact that foreign authorities do not accept payment by bank transfer, it is necessary to choose payment either by stamps, check or cash, which may not be easy, especially if you do not live in the country for which you are processing an apostille and have no one to help you with that abroad.

Forms, Apostille, Delivery, and Payment

For the smooth running and quick processing of your application, it is necessary to have official and updated forms, a return envelope with postage stamps in the currency of the country and stamps for the payment of the apostille.

Downloadable Forms

Watch out for the official updated version of the forms. You can find a large number of them on the Internet, but we recommend that you download the forms from the relevant websites of the authorities that issue the apostille in that country. Filling out forms can also be a problem, where you cannot do without orientation in legal terminology and knowledge of a foreign language.

What is the Difference Between a Federal and a State Apostille?

Specifically in Greece, but also in other states, such as the USA or Brazil, you may encounter another complication, whether to apply for a federal or state apostille. This is a complex process and you can meet it, for example, before starting work, where you need to submit to the employer an extract from the criminal record, birth certificate or diploma.

The quickest and easiest solution is to seek professional help. offers problem-free apostille processing abroad and in Austria.

What does Apostille / Superlegalization and Nostrification of Documents Mean?

An apostille is a legal clause that confirms the authenticity of a stamp or signature on documents needed for a specific activity (examples can be seen in the table). You will also come across the concept of superlegalization.
Superlegalization of documents is more complicated and much more difficult to verify the authenticity of documents. You will apply for it if it is a country that does not fall within the scope of the so-called „Hague Convention“. Greece falls under the Hague Convention and therefore does not need to apply for superlegalization. Nevertheless, we enclose a list of countries where it is necessary to apply for superlegalization.
Nostrification of a diploma or certificate is a valid verification that the diploma or certificate is a sufficient equivalent for the given state. Further useful information regarding nostrification, as well as legal assistance in applying for an apostille or nostrification in Greece, can be found on the website.