Application Forms

It is necessary to use official forms when applying for an apostille. The form and content are standardized by the competent authority in the country. If you do not meet this condition, your application will be rejected. Several versions of such forms are circulating on the Internet. To avoid the rejection of your application, make sure you are using the most current valid form.

In addition, if you do not have foreign language expertise in legal and technical terminology, filling out the form can be a daunting task. Here, too, it is better to entrust yourself to the hands of experts.

German Apostille for Use in the Czech Republic

You have a document from Germany and you need to use it at home. These are situations when you or your family relative were born in Germany and need to get married or share the joint property of the spouses. In this situation, you have to deal with an apostille on your birth certificate, marriage certificate or even a divorce decision. Other documents for which you may need an apostille are an extract from the Commercial Register, an extract from the criminal record, a diploma, a report card and many others.

Obtaining an Apostille in Germany – What to Remember?

While obtaining the apostille in Germany, we may encounter several difficulties. In many foreign countries, administrative fees cannot be paid by bank transfer. You can pay in the federal or state agency by check, stamp, or cash.

For instance, in Germany, if you want to order an apostille directly at the office, you must enclose with your application, in addition to the forms correctly completed, stamps or a check linked to a local account with a sufficient balance in the local currency.

The procedure for paying apostille fees requires the use of foreign stamps or checks, and, exceptionally, cash in foreign currency in personal proceedings. Asking for help from experts who have experience with a bank account in Germany is a safer and faster way.

Czech Apostille for Use in Germany

If you need to use a Czech document in Germany, for example do you need to arrange a stay in Germany, or do you want to study in Germany? In these situations, you have to deal with an apostille for an extract from the criminal records and an apostille for your certificate.


Nostrification is another necessary necessity for the recognition of documents used abroad. These are academic documents, certificates, diplomas or a list of marks. An example could be a situation when a doctor from abroad wants to practice medicine in the country. Another common case is when a teacher from abroad who has been awarded a diploma by a university abroad wants to teach and work at a school in the Czech Republic. The same problem arises in the case of employment of other qualified employees from abroad. In such a situation, it is necessary to find out which documents require additional nostrification. However, the whole process of nostrification is very demanding. Therefore, even in such a case, consult experts.

Choice Between Apostilization and Superlegalization

Another time-consuming problem may be determining whether superlegalization or apostille is needed. For example, authorities, banks, business partners, or universities can provide general information only about the apostille, and country-specific superlegalization is required. Another snag can be the provision of incorrect information. For example, if you want to buy or sell a business abroad, you need a verified signature on a business transfer agreement. Tax officials will tell you that they want an apostille for you, but later find out that they are wrong and need superlegalization.

Execution of the Original Document Except for the Apostille

The biggest problem when dealing with an apostille abroad is a situation when, in addition to the apostille itself, you also need to obtain a document to be apostille. This is the case, for example, when the office issuing the apostille allows its issuance only after the submission of the relevant documents, which are not older than 3 years, in some cases 6 months. This is, for example, a birth certificate or an extract from the criminal record. Requesting new originals of these documents is a very demanding process and even here the best solution is to entrust such a request to experts and save time and money, but also worries.

Federal Vs. State Apostille

Many states function as federations and thus have two parallel structures of state bodies. These countries include the United States, Brazil, and other major countries. For example, in the USA there are 50 forming so-called federations. Each state in the USA issues its own „state“ documents and thus its own „state“ apostille. Likewise, the federal authorities issue their own „federal“ documents and their own „federal“ apostille. It is necessary to be careful whether to use, for example, a federal criminal record with a federal apostille or a state criminal record with a state apostille. You can get into a similar situation when issuing a birth certificate, diploma and other documents. The choice between a federal and a state process document often becomes largely unknown, and this is another reason to turn to experts.

Processing Speed

Many authorities, banks and institutions only accept a document that is not older than 3 months. For example, if you buy a company abroad and want to open a bank account in the Czech Republic, the bank will require an extract from the Commercial Register with an apostille that is not older than a quarter of a year. The problem is that not only the apostille, but also the extract from the Commercial Register itself must not be older than 3 months. Thus it is necessary not only to hurry with the actual settlement of the apostille, but also with the provision of an extract from the Commercial Register. A similarly demanding situation arises when dealing with or renewing a temporary stay or residence abroad. Obtaining or renewing a stay abroad always requires the submission of an extract from the criminal record with an apostille older than 3 months. However, obtaining these documents can take a long time, even several months. , Especially if you are in person abroad and handle the necessary documents remotely. Even in this case, you may prefer to turn to experts who will handle all the necessary agenda for you.

Postage Stamps or Courier With Return Delivery Apostille

To process the apostille, it is always necessary to send the original of the document. There may be a problem finding the required postage stamp. A return envelope with the correct stamp value can be replaced by a form for the delivering courier prepaid to the applicant’s return address. The drawback of this step may be the fact that foreign branches of couriers such as FedEx, DHL, UPS and the like do not allow foreigners, foreign nationals and non-residents to order delivery services from a domestic courier (either within the country or outside the home country). In the same way, domestic branches of couriers allow you to order only delivery abroad, but not from abroad back to the address to your home, or delivery within abroad. To save time, money and, above all, worries, entrust the entire apostille process to experienced professionals.