When is a Federal and When a State Apostille Needed?

Many states function as federations, giving them two parallel structures of government. These include, for example, the USA, Germany, Brazil and other countries. The USA consists of 50 states, each with its own documents and its own apostille. In some cases, it is not clear whether a federal or state apostille is needed. The most common examples are the settlement of an apostille for a birth certificate, marriage certificate, extract from the criminal record. When applying for a federal or state apostille, contact the appropriate specialists, who will advise you on the selection and will also handle the federal and state apostille quickly and, above all, free of charge.

Are you planning to apply for a temporary stay, citizenship or possibly get married in France? We will advise you on how to handle the apostille of all official documents.

How to Handle an Apostille of Official Documents

Processing an apostille of French documents requires a considerable amount of patience and time. Before processing an apostille of French documents, make sure that the documents you need to apostille are up to date. Some authorities do not accept documents older than three months, others will suffice documents older than three years.

Apostille of Official Documents

France is a beautiful country that stands out for its history, architecture, beautiful nature and diverse culture. Discover the beauty of France in your own way. There are several variants! For example, you can apply to study in a given country, try out a job there or apply for a temporary stay immediately. However, for all these situations, it is necessary to legalize your documents, which you will use to prove yourself in France. However, the same is true the other way around. If you are a foreigner from France or Austria who owns French documents, it is necessary to apostille them for processing at the Austrian authorities. How does the apostille of documents work? We will help you with that at www.apostil.at

Choose Between Apostilization and Superlegalization

While some authorities only require apostille of documents, others need superlegalization. A typical example is when authorities, banks or embassies request an apostille of documents, but want to prove superlegalization when performing an official act. This situation can occur if you are applying to buy a company abroad, sell the company abroad, settle permanent residence, etc. Before settling, check whether you only need to apostille or superlegalize the document.

Pay Attention to the Speed of Processing the Apostille

The settlement of the apostille is a complex and time-consuming process. Many authorities, institutions and banks do not accept documents older than three months. This is the case, for example, with an extract from the Commercial Register, which is required by banks to open an account in France. Please note that the validity of the document for a maximum of three months does not only apply to the apostille of the extract from the Commercial Register, but also to the extract itself. You have a relatively short time to process both documents. If you urgently need to process the apostille, we recommend that you contact our specialists, who will help you with the settlement quickly and without unnecessary additional financial costs.

Diploma Nostrification

Some apostilled documents are documented together with the nostrification of the diploma, certificate or assessment report. These are mainly academic degrees and applications for admission to the position of doctor in the local hospital. Nostrification is the recognition of the validity of an authorization obtained abroad. This usually applies to academic documents, certificates, diplomas or marks. Diploma nostrification also applies to teachers who want to teach at home with a foreign diploma, or in the case of employees proving a foreign qualification.

How to Pay for the Apostille of Official Documents in France

Payment at the French authorities may not always be allowed in cash – i.e. by valid credit card or bank transfer. At some offices, the payment of fees for the processing of official documents is accepted only in the form of checks (check here whether you have a check linked to a bank account where there is enough cash) or cash. And in the appropriate currency at the cash desk of the office. If you do not have the option of processing documents in France, contact our experts, who will help you not only with the processing of the apostille of official documents, but also with their payment.

How to Receive Apostilled Documents

You can pick up the completed apostille at the relevant office. Another way is to send together with the original documents a stamped envelope with a filled in correspondence address. Another option is to use courier services. However, pay attention to the situation when courier services do not allow the shipment to be sent to a foreign country without a stay in the country. In this case, it is necessary to have a person available to help you in this situation. Along with the processing of certified documents, transportation is a complex process. Contact our specialists at Apostil.at, who will handle the apostille of official documents quickly and the cheapest.

French Documents for Use in Austria

The Austrian authorities need to apostille French documents. Documents from France are owned by people resident in France, people working in France, people with dual citizenship, people whose children were born in France, etc. Apostille of French documents is a lengthy process that can take time due to ignorance of French law. Therefore, contact experts and have all your questions answered.

How to Select a Form for Apostille Processing

To complete the apostille of documents, it is necessary to select a form that you can pick up at the competent authority in France. It can also be downloaded easily from the website.

When selecting a form, pay attention to the latest version. Remember that each office regularly updates each form. If you complete the older version, your application may be rejected by the Office.

When filling out the form, follow not only the legal, but also the professional terminology. If you do not know the official language, we recommend that you contact for help. In case of incorrectly filled in data, your request for apostille of French documents will be rejected.