When apostilizing a diploma, you can be in two situations:

you need an apostille of the diploma from abroad to be able to use it at home,
you need an apostille of the diploma from a domestic university to be able to use it abroad.

Apostille of the Diploma in the Country

If you want to continue your studies or work abroad, you will probably need your diploma with an apostille.

With an apostille you usually can’t have a certified copy of a diploma, but you need an original or duplicate diploma issued by a school or university. Certified copies are rejected by the apostille authorities because it is not possible to verify the authenticity of such documents.

Before an apostille, you still need a diploma certificate from a school, school office or the Ministry, and only then can you have an apostille.

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How to Proceed When Apostilizing a Diploma Abroad?

Do you need to apostilate abroad? We will advise you on how to handle all documents and avoid possible problems with the authorities.

What is the Difference Between a State and a Federal Apostille?

There are a number of federal states where they have two parallel structures of state bodies. A good example is Brazil, the USA and other larger countries. For example, there are 50 states in the USA, and the most common apostilles for Texas, California or New York, which are united into a federation. Each of the 50 states issues its own documents and its own apostille. At the same time, the federal authorities issue their own documents and their own apostille. In these cases, there is a problem with which form to use. An example that people often encounter is the processing of a federal criminal record with a federal apostille or a state criminal record with a state apostille. Other problems can occur when processing a birth certificate, diploma and other commonly used documents. Choosing between a federal and a state document is a specific process that we will be happy to help you with.

How is the Apostille Delivered?

Authorities in certain countries require the original document for apostille. After its issuance and attachment of the document, the applicant is required to provide a return envelope with completed correspondence data, including the correct value of the foreign postage stamp. A return envelope with the correct value of a postage stamp can be pre-ordered from a foreign branch of couriers, such as DHL, UPC, FedEx, etc. from abroad to address you home. In this case, it is best to turn to experienced professionals who have experience in communicating with courier companies.


The processing of an apostille requires speed, because the validity of documents that are apostille is often only 3 months. For example, if an extract from the criminal record or an extract from the commercial registers is required, its validity is only 3 months and during this period it is necessary to deal with the apostille.

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With the apostille, the average applicant may encounter many problems that can greatly complicate the whole process. If you need to arrange apostille quickly, safely and cheaply, contact our specialists who will arrange apostille in all countries of the world.

Beware of the Payment of Apostilles Abroad

Reimbursement of the apostille abroad has its strict specifics. In many countries, bank transfers are not yet used to pay administrative fees. Federal and state authorities in foreign countries often accept payment for these transactions only with stamps, checks, or cash payments in foreign currency.

Acquisition of the Original Document Except for the Apostille

When dealing with apostille, another insidious problem arises, namely that in addition to the apostille itself, it is necessary to arrange the issuance of the document to be apostille. These are, for example, situations where the office issuing the apostille allows the issuance of an apostille only on a document that is not older than 3 years, in some cases 6 months, such as a birth certificate or an extract from the criminal record. In these cases, get advice from experienced applicants, who will help you save not only time but also financial costs for processing the original document for apostilization.

Which Forms are Needed to Complete the Apostille?

In order to arrange apostille, you need to process several application forms for Apostille. The form and content are standardized for the competent authority abroad. If you use a form other than the one required by the competent authority, the application will be rejected. We therefore recommend using only the latest version and the correct pattern. Completion Apostille has its own strict rules, which are also listed in the appropriate language for the specific country. The risk also arises in the area of legal and professional terminology and the subsequent correct completion of the form. For this reason, we recommend entrusting the handling of apostille to experienced professionals.


In the case of academic documents, it is sometimes necessary to arrange nostrification as well. Nostrification is confirmation that a diploma or certificate from abroad is equivalent to a domestic diploma or certificate, for example, a doctor from Kyrgyzstan wants to work in the country. Or, conversely, that domestic diplomas are sufficiently comparable to diplomas and certificates abroad, for example, a doctor with our education wants to work abroad.


Some countries do not allow the use of apostille, but require superlegalization. The superlegalization is much more difficult than the apostille. It is also not easy to determine when superlegalization is needed and when an apostille is needed.