Do you need to use a Belarusian document in the Austrian government or vice versa? In this article we will advise you how to legalize documents issued abroad.

Belarusian Documents for the Austrian Authorities

Documents issued in Belarus are „invalid“ for the Austrian authorities without the appropriate legalization. For use in Austria, it must be legalized, or apostilled. Documents issued in Belarus are owned, for example, by foreigners, born in Belarus or citizens of Austria who work in Belarus, live permanently or have dual citizenship. If you need to deal with routine matters, such as marriage, division of joint property of spouses, issuance of an extract from the criminal record or proof of birth certificate, an apostille of official documents is required.

Austrian Official Documents for Belarus

The above examples also apply in the opposite case, i.e. if you hold Austria official documents in your hand and need to use them at the Belarusian authorities. The apostille of documents is carried out at the relevant office, embassy or ministry.

Procedure for Obtaining an Apostille:

Make sure you have the current documents you need to apostille. Documents must not be older than three years. Exceptions are other documents, which must not exceed six months. If you have older documents, contact the relevant authority and request to issue them. Beware of the case when you need to complete the apostille quickly. Authorities usually have 30 days to issue a new document. This period can also have a negative effect on the final exposure of the apostille.

Fill in the correct form. To complete the apostille, it is necessary to correctly fill in the relevant form, which you can take at the relevant office, specifically in the filing office. These forms can be downloaded online from the website. Here, however, keep the form up to date. Belarus regularly updates the content and appearance of official forms and, if an out-of-date version is used, your application may be rejected by the Office. When filling in, pay attention to the correctness of the filled in data.

Pay the apostille fee. Beware of situations where the competent authorities in Belarus do not accept payment by bank transfer or non-cash payment – for example by card. In such cases, it is necessary to pay by check, stamp or cash, in the appropriate currency. If you choose to pay by check, make sure that the check is linked to a bank account with high enough cash.

Pick up your apostilled official document. The easiest way to receive a newly apostille document is to pick it up in person at the office. We understand that you do not always stay at the competent authority. That’s why it’s time for another option by sending it by post. In this case, do not forget to send a stamped envelope with a completed correspondence address together with the documents for apostille. You can also use the courier service. With this variant, there may be a problem in that the courier services do not accept orders from foreigners who do not have a registered residence or correspondence address in Belarus. Thus, it is necessary to have an available person to help you in this situation.

Settlement of the apostille requires knowledge of the Belarusian or Russian language, legal and technical terminology, including knowledge of the settlement procedure. If you do not have sufficient experience, do not have an up-to-date version of the document that needs to be apostilled or need to answer some information, contact the experts from, who will answer all your questions and help with apostille documents in Belarus.

Speed of Processing the Apostille of Official Documents

Handling the apostille of documents is a complex process that is time consuming. Many authorities, banks, institutions, embassies and ministries in Belarus, require documents not older than three months. Beware, for example, of a key situation where you need to open an account with a Belarusian bank. For example, companies must provide an extract from the Commercial Register with an apostille, which requires a maximum of three months. It is inevitable to deal with the apostille document quickly. In such a case, we recommend processing the document via, where our experts will prepare an apostille of all the necessary documents in a hurry and without unnecessary additional fees.

When the Superlegalization of Official Documents is Required

There are situations where a mere apostille of official documents is not enough. Some embassies, banks, offices or ministries, require superlegalization of documents. Superlegalization is the highest degree of legalization of official documents. This process is more complex and time consuming. Usually, two, sometimes four superlegalization clauses, or certificates from several embassies, ministries or other relevant authorities are needed to complete the superlegalization of documents. Each superlegalization has different procedures. For a speedy settlement of superlegalization, contact and we will help you with its settlement.

Temporary Stay in Belarus

If you need to arrange a temporary stay in Belarus or apply for an extension, it is necessary to provide an apostilled extract from the criminal record. Here, too, the situation applies that the statement must not be older than three months. However, obtaining verification of the document takes more time, so you have less space to process the application for a temporary stay. We recommend that you contact again, where we will help you with the apostille of the extract from the criminal record.

Diploma and Certificate Nostrification for Belarus

The nostrification of a diploma or certificate for Belarus is another integral part of the apostille of official documents. Nostrification mainly concerns academic diplomas, certificates or a list of marks. An example could be a situation when an Austrian doctor wants to perform his activity abroad. Nostrification is an act in which diploma acquires the same right as if it had been issued in Belarus. This means that a doctor can perform the same medical activity in Belarus due to the nostrification of his medical degree. The same applies to teachers with pedagogical education, completed with a diploma at a university. If a teacher wants to work in Belarus, his diploma must be nostrified. Certificate nostrification is a complex process. If you have a job opportunity in Belarus and you need to perform nostrification urgently, contact our company With the processing of the apostille of official documents and the nostrification of the certificate, we can provide you with fast and free of charge.

The Application for the Apostille of a Document

The application for the apostille of a document for the Belarusian authorities requires the completion of the appropriate form, payment of fees for the apostille and further adoption of the document.